Battery Innovation and Technology center

Battery Innovation and Technology center (BiTech) is an engineering company offering battery management systems (BMSs), power electronic (including converter, inverter, and charger), and battery system design for the first and second life for home, electric grid, maritime, and automotive applications

Our Services

BiTech supports industry and academia for cutting-edge solution development for smart, efficient and cost-effective BMS, converter and inverter. Moreover, BiTech is offering innovative battery system design for automotive and battery manufacturers. In addition to that BiTech provides softener for battery management system and control unit which can be customized according to the wide range of applications

Battery management system

A clear vision on developing a smart BMS which is comprehensive, intelligent from beginning of design process to licensing and manufacturing. The focus is on stability, high flexibility and competitive price

Power electronic

Power electronic product and solutions enabling energy digitalization for a greener and better future. BiTech offers designs and engineering services for battery charger, inverter, DC/DC converter) and renewable energy power systems which support accelerating transport electrification.

Battery system design

BiTech offers cutting-edge mechanical, thermal and electrical design services to industry. The focus is on design services according to the costumers’ requirements.