Combined expertise and innovation


Battery Innovation and Technology center (BiTech) is an engineering company offering battery management systems (BMSs), power electronics (including converter, inverter, and charger), and battery system design for the first and
second life for home, electric grid, maritime, and automotive applications.
BiTech is supporting industry and academia for cutting-edge solution development for smart, efficient and cost-effective BMS, converter and inverter. BiTech is also offering innovative battery system design for automotive and battery manufacturers. In addition, BiTech provides softener for battery management system and control unit which can be customized according to the wide range of applications.

Our Mission

Providing innovative solution in the field of battery system and charging solutions to improve acceptability of intermittent renewable energy generation and enable the transition from internal combustion engine towards lower or zero GHG emission road and marine transport systems

Why Choose Us

Together, we accelerate the innovations that advance our world in different applications


New BMS design and charging solution for e-mobility application


Stability of grid and increased power quality for stationary application


Safe battery design for marine application


Customized BMS design for aerospace application