Our Services

BiTech offers a range of services including battery management systems (BMSs), power electronic (including converter, inverter, and charger), and battery system design for the first and second life for home, electric grid, maritime, and automotive applications.

Battery management system

• Hardware design services (design electric circuit, component selection, optimize PCB
layout, etc).
• Simulation services (functional safety simulation CFD simulation)
• Licensing
• Customizing BMS services (Special application like aerospace)
• Prototyping of BMS for version one

Power electronics and chargers

• Design cutting-edge charger/inverter for stationery and home storage.
• Design cutting-edge charger/inverter for automotive application.
• Control development for the charger, inverter, and DC/DC converter.
• Thermal simulation for the charger, inverter, and DC/DC converter.
• Prototyping charger, inverter, and DC/DC converter.
• Licensing of the cutting-edge charger, inverter, and DC/DC converter to OEMs

Battery system design

• Electrical battery design
• Sizing of battery system for renewable energy integration and home application.
• Mechanical design of battery system for a wide range of application
• Thermal management simulation and prototyping

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Achieving a sustainable future through cutting edge solutions in battery system design and e-charging technologies